Brain Injury Program

Individuals who sustain brain injuries often experience changes in their perceptual and motor abilities; physical functions; speech and language; cognition; memory; judgment, problem solving and reasoning skills, and psychosocial behavior that may significantly impair an individual’s ability to return to everyday life.

The Brain Injury Program at WMHC is a dedicated inpatient unit offering short- and long-term acute rehabilitation designed to meet the needs of individuals with a recent diagnosis of stroke, traumatic brain injury or other acquired brain injury resulting in such activity limitations and participation restrictions. Patients admitted to this specialized program are assessed by a team of professionals who work together to create an individualized, culturally sensitive care plan designed to help the patient and their family work toward rehabilitation goals to increase level of independence and to facilitate community re-entry whenever possible. The Brain Injury Program team strives to utilize outcomes driven treatment to address the medical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual and behavioral aspects of brain injury while maintaining our patient’s dignity, self-esteem and appropriate level of independence in a calm, home-like atmosphere. Most patients transfer to the program directly from acute care facilities or from acute rehab programs throughout the state of Maryland and are expected to be medically stable although may still be acutely ill.


Patients admitted to the Brain Injury Program can expect 2+ hours of therapy per day, five days of the week. They will be seen at least three times a week by internal medicine physicians/nurse practitioners and at least weekly by a physiatrist consultant. 24-hour internal medicine physician coverage is available and 24-hour medical and rehabilitation nursing care is provided. A combination of at least two therapies, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, is provided individually and in groups. Recreational, nutritional and respiratory therapies as well as spiritual services are also available. We recognize that psychological adjustment and mental health are important components of recovery therefore a psychologist and psychiatrist are an integral part of the team. As core members of the team, the patient and family are invited to participate in care planning and discharge planning from pre-admission to post-discharge.

WMHC accepts funding from Medicare, Medicaid and many commercial payers. Fees for services are based on a daily rate established by the state of Maryland.

Brain Injury Program patients are expected to discharge to a lower level of care, such as home, group homes, assisted living facilities, or skilled nursing facilities.